“Just A Monster”: Frank Vogel Rates Anthony Davis After his Standout Performance in NBA Finals




The Los Angeles Lakers are marching towards their 17th championship in franchise history. The purple and gold are currently 2-0 up in the 2020 NBA finals, and Anthony Davis is proving to be the game-changer. Following his heroics in Game 2, head coach Frank Vogel had honest words of praise for the former Pelicans star. 

The Lakers are now unbeaten in their ‘Black Mamba’ uniforms. Moreover, LeBron made a crazy bucket to score the Lakers’ 81st point when the clock stopped at 8:24 in the third quarter. After the victory, coach Vogel was all praise for his talented unit, especially Anthony Davis. 

Lakers Anthony Davis vs Miami Heat Jae Crowder
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Vogel asserted how the Lakers reached the “championship level” with their game. They outplayed the Heat in Game 2 and earned a ten-point victory. He stressed on the fact that his team’s offensive rating was 136.0 which depicts how good the purple and gold were. 

In his brief speech, Vogel then moved on to praise Rajon Rondo and LeBron James. “Bron and Rondo, you guys combined for 19 assists and one turnover. Unbelievable,” he stated. Vogel then turned towards Davis and said: “AD, you’re just a monster. No other way to put it.” 

The Lakers HC then cheered the team on by reminding them where they stand in the finals. The team dispersed after making the ‘Mamba’ chant which happens to be their bubble tradition. 

Anthony Davis has indeed been a beast for the Lakers since the restart. In Game 2, he grabbed 32.0 points and went 15-20 from the field. Moreover, Davis managed to secure more offensive rebounds (8) than the entire Heat team (6). 

Anthony Davis weighs in on Kobe-Shaq comparison with fellow Lakers teammate LeBron James

Watching Davis and James play is an absolute delight. They often combine to wreak havoc on the court, and it is a spectacular sight to behold. For die-hard Laker fans, they see this as a reincarnation of the Kobe-Shaq era. 

Yes, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal won the three-peat playing for the Lakers. Bron and AD are yet to achieve it, but they’re already in the record books. There is a constant buzz revolving around the pairing of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James celebrates with forward Anthony Davis
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In this talented Lakers duo, who resembles Shaq more and who takes up the role of Kobe? Well, Anthony Davis himself answered the question and delivered a response that would sit well among the Laker faithful.

“He’s [Lebron’s] Kobe because he handles the ball, and I’m Shaq because I play in the post,” Davis answered. Moreover, he mentioned how he and LeBron play a selfless game which in turn benefits the team largely. 

“We are two guys who want to win no matter the circumstance. We both want to make sure that we do whatever it takes to help our team win,” Davis mentioned. 

With a 2-0 lead in their hands, the Los Angeles Lakers are now the dominant favorites to win the title. This might mark the first championship in the Bron-AD era, but how many rings will these two go on to win as teammates?