Journalist Accuses LeBron James of Using Ahmaud Arbery Murder to Outdo Michael Jordan




LeBron James is vocal with his opinions on social issues through his Twitter and Instagram handles. He has a bona fide name for himself in the society and wants to move forward with that by standing up against injustice. 

In recent news, a young man named Ahmaud Arbery was cruelly shot dead in the US state of Georgia. The 25-year-old African American was confronted by two white men during his morning jogging routine. The father and son duo claimed he was a “burglar,” and killed him with a shotgun from point-blank range.

The news shook the entire country. We are in 2020, and it is tragic that we still wake up to stories of murder because of racial difference. LeBron James, just like the rest of us, took the news close to heart, and typed out a tweet condemning the murder. However, this tweet came across as insensitive in the minds of certain people and one such person even called out LeBron for coming out to defend a deceased person.

Fox Sports host calls out LeBron James for his “twitter trolling”

In other news, a few people are looking at desperate measures to stir up strife during quarantine. Jason Whitlock is a co-host of the show ‘Speak for Yourself’ that runs on Fox Sports 1. The 53-year-old formerly faced the wrath of NBA fans for calling Kobe Bryant a “fraudulent superstar.”

This time around, he picked on the current Lakers star, LeBron, and published his ridiculous opinion against him. Whitlock deemed Bron’s comments as unhelpful and called him out for attempting to “build a brand as more outspoken than Michael Jordan.” He even typed offensive remarks against him and claimed LeBron just wants attention. Extremely unethical of a prominent television face to go out and do this on social media.

From what we could understand, the brutal murder deeply impacted the four-time MVP, and his twitter message was a way to convey the immense pain and anger he feels. He did not want to hold back in his comments against racial killings that are prevalent in the society to this day. 

However, a colleague of Whitlock jumped to LeBron’s defense, and posted a reply calling the SFY host, ignorant and reckless.

Is the MJ vs LeBron debate taking a negative angle? 

Upon viewing the comments made by Whitlock, is it evident that he is a huge fan of Michael Jordan. There are so much hate towards Lebron recently, given the fact that he is often being compared to MJ. 

Though both factions have valid arguments surrounding their favorite player, the argument is largely becoming negative. Instead of fighting for their man, the fans try to bring out the worst side of the player they despise. A lot of MJ fans loathe LeBron because he is a pre-eminent face in the GOAT discussion now. 

Though, in reality, both these guys respect each other, even if their fans don’t. Spreading hate comments or degrading one another will not lower their achievements any bit. Thus, fans need to stop degrading players, whom they consider “rivals,” on social media. They play the game out of pure love and dedicate their lives to it. It is absolutely wrong to deprecate a player, just to prove a point that the other guy is better.