Jimmy Butler Puts Blame on LeBron James for Starting Trash Talk Early on in NBA Finals Game 3




It’s Jimmy Butler’s day with all the hype around how Miami Heat turned around a smooth sailing Finals for the Lakers. The NBA Finals got spiced up after Miami secured their first victory in the series that stands 2-1 at the moment. Game 3 was intense with some banter between Jimmy Butler and LeBron James.

Heat players were on a mission last night and the exchange of words took place here and there in a fiery matchup. When Butler knocked in the last layup of the game, he went rushing all over the court saying, “They’re in trouble,” clearly directed towards the Lakers.

Miami star, Jimmy Butler pours in details about his banter with LeBron James

It was a big win and Butler was bound to get heated up by the end of it. Well, it seems like most fans interpreted it wrong. It was only after the game when Butler clarified that LeBron took the first move into the on-court talking.

“Let’s not act like I’m just out here talking trash. LeBron said it to me at the end of the first. That’s what happened. I just said it to him in the fourth quarter,” Heat star revealed.

Was the exchange of words a result of the frustrating first quarter for the Lakers?

By the end of first quarter, the Lakers were trailing 23-26. Butler dropped 19 points, 6 rebs, and 6 assists in his successful first half of the game. Eventually, he finished with a 40-point triple-double, along with 13 assists and 11 rebounds.

Moreover, Lakers hadn’t had such a rough start in the two games before this, and Bron ended up having a banter with Butler.

But the Lakers couldn’t do much ‘trouble’ to Miami’s determined bunch of players. They fell apart in pressure and got defeated 115-104 by the end of it.