Jenson Button Laughs Off Fernando Alonso’s Bold “Complete Driver” Claims




There have been many amazing racers who have competed in the sport since the turn of this century. And Spanish driver Fernando Alonso definitely deserves to have his name right up there with the others.

A two-time World Champion with Renault, Alonso is truly passionate about racing. Alonso possessed style and aggression as his major driving attributes. During the mid-2000s, he went toe-to-toe with the massively powerful Ferraris and often fought as a lone ranger.

Fernando Alonso considers himself to be ‘quite complete’ as a driver

Many people have regarded Alonso as one of the better all-rounders in the sport. And now lately, when asked of whether he thinks the same, Alonso concurred.

In a press conference of his documentary series ‘Fernando’, he is quoted as saying, “I must agree. I consider myself to be quite complete. Maybe I score nine in everything.”

The Formula 1 Instagram handle had later shared this quote as post and asked followers around the world what they thought of the Spanish driver and how they would rate him according to a few metrics.

But former teammate Jenson Button took the opportunity to indulge in some banter and commented a laughing emoticon on the post. Clearly, the 2009 World Champion has a different opinion of Alonso!

Alonso regarded Button as his best teammate ever

Button shared a great relationship with Alonso during the pair’s time at McLaren. Alonso even went to the extent of calling Button ‘the best teammate he ever had’.  He respected the commitment that Button always displayed. And also believed that the British driver was a true gentleman of the sport.

Although the two won’t get an opportunity to race each other, Button still has respect for Alonso. And when he takes to F1 racing in 2021, Button will certainly enjoy watching him drive and fight with the others.

Fernando Alonso has already begun his acclimatization process, spending a considerable amount of time at the Renault factory sites. It is only a matter of time before we see him in the sport again.