“Its Going To Be Wild”: Steph Curry Promises Great Things from Golden State Warriors for 2021 NBA Season




Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors had a rough year. Curry was hurt as the Warriors tanked to the bottom of the Western Conference. They were rewarded with the second overall pick in the next draft for their troubles.

Steph spoke to Bleacher Report about the challenges of the upcoming season. Especially, after what happened to the team this season.

Curry said, “We just need talent. At the end of the day, that’s what you’re always trying to get. I think we could use some size, but for the most part, it’s just trying to fill out the roster and get us as much depth as possible. I like the position that we’re in with the assets that we got and the guys coming back off of injury. Think we’ll get it right, our front office has gotten it right over and over. And I expect nothing different coming back from this tough year we had.”

“You look at the West and look at the teams that are in the bubble and how deep it was. And you add us back to the mix next year, it’s going to be wild.”

Steph Curry and the 2021 Golden State Warriors

Steph clearly put a lot of pressure on the Warriors’ front office to improve the talent of the squad. While he is 100% correct about that, it is odd for Curry to come out publicly and talk about it. However, it is no secret that the Warriors don’t have the same talent they did. Especially in today’s climate, as teams are getting more powerful through good recruitment and drafting well.

The Warriors have Steph, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. They also have Andrew Wiggins. However, what else can they add? As Steph said, the team needs size. It has been a Warriors’ Achilles heel for a while. With Kevin Durant, that issue was dwarfed. But now that they have to face teams like the LA Lakers that are built on size, they need an answer for them.

With the second-overall pick and a massive trade exception, the Warriors could possibly draft a big-man like James Wiseman or trade the pick away to get an established center on a bad team. The options are there, but will Bob Myers and the Warriors’ front office make the right decision? Only time will tell.