“It Will Happen” – Patrick Mouratoglou on NextGen Winning Grand Slams in The Era of ‘Big Three’




The trinity of tennis Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have rotated the last 56 Grand Slams amongst themselves. Be it hard, clay, or grass, the trio has captured the elite titles. And they have denied at least three generations of men’s tennis from making their Major breakthrough. One of the best tennis coaches in the world Patrick Mouratoglou stated, the Major breakthrough of NextGen will soon happen, but simultaneously the act is difficult amidst the three glass towers. 

Also when it comes to the French Open, the ultimate king of clay Nadal will be exercising his dominance there for a few more years. Maybe a hardcourt Slam might see a new champion.

“At Roland Garros, it will be difficult, I heard that there’s a  Spanish guy (Rafael Nadal) who’s gonna play again. Probably, like every year we start Roland Garros and were know who’s gonna win. And just don’t know against whom,” he told UBI Tennis.

Patrick Mouratoglou on US Open witnessing a new champion

At US Open this year, there might be a chance to witness a new champion as Roger has ruled out, Rafa is preparing of the European clay-court swing and Novak is yet to decide his participation. However, in the recent Slams, the NextGen were just a  few games away from making their Grand Slam breakthrough.

Patrick Mouratoglou
Patrick Mouratoglou

Daniil Medvedev was a tough challenge for Nadal at US Open 2019 finals and Dominic Thiem played amazing well at Aussie Open 2020 finals.

“On the US Open it will depend if Rafa and Roger are nor going to play, and I don’t know about Novak, he was unclear about it. If they don’t play, we will certainly have a new winner. Well, I mean you know it can happen, some guys are getting closer and closer. Thiem was close at Australian Open against Novak,  Medvedev was close at US Open against Rafa,” Patrick added.

Playing professional tennis in the era of Federer, Nadal, and Djkovic is certainly a privilege. But at the same time, the best tennis players in the world are striving in the quest of a Grand Slam title. 

“In this era, it is the most difficult thing to win a Grand Slam in the history of the sport. You have to beat at least two of the three strongest players ever. Take Tsitsipas to Melbourne last year, he beat Federer and lost to Nadal, but if he won he would have to beat Djokovic too! It will happen, but it is extremely difficult,” he said.

Novak Djokovic Tennis players Roger Federer
Big Three

Recently coach Patrick Mouratoglou organized an event called Ultimate Tennis Shutdown in his academy in France. The best players of the world were seen in hitting some balls in the academy and Matteo Berrettini ended up lifting up the throne this Sunday.