“It is Why I Got a Tattoo of Him”- Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Muhammad Ali’s Influence




Lewis Hamilton had a rough childhood, he started karting at 6 and he hasn’t stopped since. He didn’t have many to draw inspiration from during his childhood. However, inspiration is such a spark that it can come from anywhere; Hamilton’s inspiration can be traced back to a whole host of public figures. One of those was the great Muhammad Ali.

Lewis Hamilton draws inspiration from Muhammad Ali

The Briton revealed that he always looked up to the boxer in key moments of his life. Besides being an excellent boxer, Muhammad Ali was a visionary. Hamilton’s admiration of Ali inspired him to get a tattoo of the boxer on his right calf.

“I BELIEVE Muhammad Ali was the greatest sporting icon ever. He was always someone to look up to. He has inspired me so much throughout my life. It is why I got a tattoo of him on my right calf,” remarked the 6-time Wold Champion.

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Muhammad Ali’s qualities of being ‘The Greatest’ made a fan out of Hamilton

Hamilton lauded the boxer in his resolve of standing beside what is right. His undying spirit of supporting a cause has pushed the racer to do the same. Although Hamilton met Ali when he was ailing from a deathly disease, he could not help but notice the glorious legacy the man illuminated.

“I remember growing up and watching TV and it is always a shock to then find yourself in the presence of certain individuals, powerful people who are doing great things.

“I think that some of the people running these sports have been very nervous to get into politics, or feel like they are going to get embroiled in a political row.

Lewis Hamilton looks up to several others in the world of sports who are a personification of courage, righteousness, and integrity. Honestly, these are the exact virtues that make you ‘The Greatest’.

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