“It Is a Bit Easier for Him”- Daniel Ricciardo Believes Lewis Hamilton Equaling Schumacher Is “Inevitable”




Lewis Hamilton is defying odds since times immemorial now. The lad from the small town of Stevenage has raced his way to the top. His career seldom has blips in it because he doesn’t make that many mistakes. He is on his way, targeting the great Schumacher’s record of most Grand Prix wins. Seems like he’ll take it.

Lewis has been a 6-time world Champion now racing for Mercedes. His understanding of the car fused with his control is inspirational. The racer has already broken a bunch of Schumacher’s records. If he wins at Sochi, he’ll be one step away from setting a new world record.

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Lewis Hamilton deserves Schumacher’s record, says Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, in his Pre Race Press Conference at Sochi, commented on the topic. The Aussie expressed his respect and admiration for Lewis Hamilton. He further explained why is the Englishman is deserving of the record.

“Yeah, obviously it is very likely that he is going to get it done. I’m sure it is going to be sooner rather than later, but I think it is inevitable now.” Ricciardo told a reporter from BBC.

Ricciardo also explained the scenario on the Grid regarding Hamilton going for the record. His words definitely showcased the excitement about the affair. It convinces every racer that Lewis Hamilton is deserving of this.

“Every year you get asked because he has won every single world championship over the last few years. He has been in Mercedes and they have dominated so surely, it is a bit easier for him. But it is easier to say that. Yes, it is more likely that he will be on the podium this weekend than a lot of the others. To have that expectation, that pressure year in year out, and to keep delivering, that is something in itself, let alone breaking all these records. Hats off to Lewis and we will see if that gets done this weekend.”

Charles Leclerc has also expressed his excitement in Hamilton aiming for the record. He feels that Hamilton has worked hard for the record. Hamilton had a rather unfortunate FP1 at Sochi with his tyres burning out at one turn. However, the lad has his eyes fixed for the prize on Sunday.

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