Is Kawhi Leonard Responsible for Montrezl Harrell Leaving Clippers for Rivals Lakers?




The Los Angeles Lakers made the most surprising move when they snapped up Montrezl Harrell from rivals LA Clippers. The decision left Clippers fans puzzled as to why Harrell would move to their biggest rival and for a deal as cheap as a 2-year $19 million deal. But according to The Ringer, an internal rift could be the reason.

According to him, there was a potential rift between Kawhi Leonard and Harrell which lead to the power forward departing. A month back, The Athletic had reported that the Clippers’ original trio of Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell, and Lou Williams had expressed their displeasure over Leonard.

They were unhappy with his load management and also him delaying their flights. They were also unimpressed with how Leonard could influence his own rotations.

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Is this Harrell’s way of getting back at the LA Clippers?

At the Clippers, team chemistry was always an issue. They didn’t get to play enough with each other due to frequent injuries and other incidents. So it looks like the players failed to create a strong bond with the superstars.

Harrell already has one of his close friends at Lakers in LeBron James. And unlike Leonard, LeBron is always vocal in his leadership and always does his best to help his teammates reach the top of their game.

With him also being one of the best playmakers ever, Harrell’s job on the offensive end will be made easy by Bron.

So Harrell could be looking to exact revenge against the team that didn’t treat him right. With the Lakers, he now has the best chance he has ever had for a title.

They will be the #1 favorites to win it all now, following his arrival. He could also use this year to get back to his best. He can prove he is worth more money and look for a bigger contract next season.

It will be interesting to see what role Harrell has, as he plays alongside an elite big in Anthony Davis. Together, they will be one of the most dominant frontcourts in the league and will be key to their success.

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