INSULTED: After Russell Westbrook, PJ Tucker Shows His Dissatisfaction with Houston Rockets




The Houston Rockets are going through a plethora of changes both in the front office as well as in the playing roster. Since the moment of their early elimination from the playoffs, an upheaval has emerged. 

Recently, a report claimed that both James Harden and Russell Westbrook had been dodging the calls from the Houston office. Now, the update on the same suggests that Russ is keen on leaving the organization. As if all this was not enough, a few other players, including PJ Tucker have stated their dissatisfaction too.

Houston Rockets in serious trouble

As per a source, the 35-year-old power forward was “irate” with the way the organization handled his contract. He also felt “insulted” to learn how the franchise kept delaying the talks of his contract extension. 

PJ has spent three years with the organization. In these three years, he has shown tremendous proficiency from the parameter. Also, the 6’5” man played a decent playoff where he averaged 7.9 points, 7.2 boards, and 1.1 steals per game. This performance was not at par with his past performances, but he did lift his game up every time the star duo needed his support.

PJ had earlier signed a 4 year, close to $32 million contract with the Rockets in 2017. In 2020-21 he is about to receive a $7,969,537 base salary from the Rockets, which is way below his expectations.

PJ Tucker’s dissatisfaction is not new

Last year as well, PJ demanded a new contract from the organization. The Rockets organization, then headed by Daryl Morey, did not guarantee him a salary amount until February 6, 2020. By then, the trade deadline had well passed, and it was natural for the veteran to feel bad about it.

PJ has remained instrumental in the small-ball-unit of the Rockets. But if his present-day dissatisfaction is something to count on, his interest in the team is dwindling. Can the Rockets afford to lose him before he hits the unrestricted free agency in 2021? They are in deep waters right now, and Russell Westbrook’s equation will also have an impact on other deals.

Do you think Rockets can emerge as the winners through this turmoil? 

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