“Incredible Defender”: Heat’s Jimmy Butler Applauds Anthony Davis After Game 4 loss




The Los Angeles Lakers must be on cloud nine right now. Well, they are just one more win away from being titled champions after a decade, and Anthony Davis is the one to thank. After one of his worst performances in Game 3, he continued his tradition to follow that with his beast mode on. On the receiving end of this was Jimmy Butler.

The highlight of the game was not his contribution to the scoreboard, but actually his defense on Miami Heat‘s star. Jimmy Butler had some comments post the game in which he was brilliantly contained by Davis.

Jimmy Butler Analyzes Lakers Anthony Davis’ perks

Lakers' Anthony Davis vs Miami Heat
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Sometimes we forget what an incredible defensive player Davis is. He is so efficient on the offensive end that his other skills don’t come out often. However, Game 4 was all about his defensive prowess against Jimmy Butler.

After Heat’s defeat in Game 4, Butler was asked, “You didn’t see much of Anthony Davis as far as defensively in the first three games of the series, but you saw lots of him tonight. What challenges and impact does he present with his size and his athletic ability as a defender?”

Butler appreciated Davis’ skillset but explained where exactly he lacked. “I mean, he’s an incredible defender. He contests a lot of shots, blocks shots,” said Butler. “But I just think I got to be better at getting my guys involved. More dribble hand-offs, more screens, maybe playing a little bit without the ball, playing off the ball.”

Then he also stated what he thinks his role as the team leader is.“That’s something that I can learn from that I got to be better because I think that’s my role is to make sure that everybody’s in the right spot and that I’m putting us in the best position to win. So we got to switch it up a little bit.”

Miami Heat star will give his best against anyone

After witnessing Davis do a thorough job on Butler, he was asked if he would like to see more of Davis. Butler asserted, “Sure. Whoever they put on me I got to do a better job of making sure we win, no matter if it’s AD or anybody else that they have on their roster. I have a job to do, we have a job to do and we didn’t do that.”

Understanding what exactly went wrong could help them stay alive longer. Now that the Lakers are up 3-1, the Heat are under a lot of pressure. Not everyone can make a 3-1 deficit comeback as smoothly as the Denver Nuggets do. Let’s wait and watch what Game 5 of the NBA Finals has in store for us.