“I’m Using My Boot Next Time”- Lewis Hamilton Sends Out a Message to Daniel Ricciardo Post the Shoey Celebration




Lewis Hamilton was back at the top of the podium at Imola this past weekend, alongside Valtteri Bottas in P2 and Daniel Ricciardo at P3.

The P3 in Italy marked his second podium this season, and although he forgot to perform the shoey at the Nurburgring, the second time around was the charm.

More surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton became the most recent addition to the shoey club. At the podium, the world champion was seen taking on a shoey along with the Australian.

Following the shoey, Lewis Hamilton took to Twitter with a hilarious comment. He made it clear that next time, he’ll be using his own boot for the shoey.

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The Imola shoey business

The last time Ricciardo was on the podium was at Nurburgring. It was his first podium with Renault over the course of the last two seasons. He, therefore, forgot his trademark celebration amid all the excitement.

Lewis Hamilton taking part in the shoey came as a surprise to all of us, a great surprise at that one. Ricciardo later explained that Lewis asked for the shoey personally.

He said, “I was about to drink a beautiful fresh one and I heard Lewis saying, ‘Take your other shoe off’.” Lewis had previously expressed his disinterest in shoeys three years ago.

He had claimed, “I’ll never, ever do that, I’ll never drink it. You can offer me, you can force me, I’ll never do it.” So when Hamilton asked for a shoes, everyone was surprised and excited!

Hamilton later mentioned that the shoey tasted like toe jam. “It definitely didn’t taste great,” the Briton added. Hopefully, this will not be the last time we see Hamilton joining a shoey and maybe Valtteri Bottas will join the club too next time around.

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