“I’m About to Cry”: Tennis Legend Gets Excited Upon Hearing Roger Federer’s Return




The French Open 2020 is moving full steam ahead, but the one thing missing is the presence of Swiss maestro Roger Federer. It has been several months since we’ve seen him in action, but there is some good news in that regard. Federer will return to competitive action from next year, and everyone is going bonkers about it! 

One can be sure that avid tennis fans dearly miss Roger Federer. Who doesn’t? Federer’s someone that can captivate you even when he’s not at his best. Former tennis star Alex Corretja recently discussed RF’s return with Tim Henman and Barbara Schett Eagle, and was unable to hide his emotions. 

“I’m so excited, I’m about to cry,” Corretja said. “Because I mean we are missing Roger you know, his elegance. Only by seeing Roger even walking next to you, it makes you feel like something is going to happen.”

The Spaniard was very frank with his views about wanting to see Roger Federer back on the court. FedEx has not returned to tennis since his exit from the 2020 Australian Open. Complications in his knee have forced him to stay out for a longer period than initially expected.

Corretja wonderfully describes how Roger Federer plays on the court

When Roger Federer turned pro in 1998, little did the man know that he would go on to become one of the best ever. Twenty-two years later, he ranks as the player with the most singles Grand Slam titles in the men’s game. 

Watching Federer play is like poetry in motion. One just can’t ignore his elegant backhands and forehand slices. Alex Corretja is hyped about RF’s return next year and is already picturing how he’ll take to the court and display his wizardry. 

“When you see him play, he’s like dancing on the court and this is something so good. He’s gonna turn what 40 next year and he still has the will to go play and show us that he is capable to win slams. So hopefully he is gonna recover very good.”

It is indeed exciting to know that Roger’s coming back next season. He doesn’t want to rush his recovery process, as a return with full fitness is the most practical approach, especially at his age. However, if all goes well with his recovery, we’ll be witnessing the maestro at Melbourne next year, which will undoubtedly be a cracking return.