“I was Killing it”: Jimmy Butler Picks His High School Performance Over Historic Game 3 Show




Jimmy Butler raced off to a Game 3 victory over the mighty LA Lakers. Butler scored a sensational 40 point triple-double while demolishing the Lakers’ defense.

Butler’s performance has earned him a place in the NBA history books. But according to Jimmy, this wasn’t even his best performance. He said, “Probably not, I was really good when I was in high school before I played in this league. Where I played against 45-year old men and I really dominated when I was like 17. This is up there, but back then I was killing it.”

Butler’s cheeky comments could be perceived as a shot at the Lakers’ LeBron James. Jimmy outplayed James in Game 3 in almost every major statistical category. This earned him the unique feat of beating LBJ in points, rebounds, and assists for the first time in the NBA Finals.

Jimmy Buckets single-handedly tormented the Lakers in Game 3 after being silent for the first two games. Moreover, he stepped up when it mattered the most, in the absence of Bam and Goran, two of the Heat’s finest superstars.

Jimmy will need to bring more of the same to the table in the upcoming games for the Heat to have a chance at a comeback.

Can Jimmy Butler carry his team to the NBA championship?

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler against Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler shoots against Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis during the fourth quarter of game three of the 2020 NBA Finals. The Miami Heat won 115-104. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When they entered the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat were and still are the underdogs. Throughout the playoffs, they have been an underdog team. But the Heat have proved their haters wrong at every step of their playoff run.

Now, if the Heat can overcome the massive obstacle that the Lakers pose, they can celebrate their hard work. However, the Lakers still have a 2-1 lead and if they win Game 4, they can finish the series in five games.

On the whole, the Lakers seem to be a little better than the Heat. It’s unlikely that the Lakers will choke this badly once again. Their two superstars AD and LBJ will also be motivated to turn around their poor Game 3 performance.

What do you think? Can Jimmy Butler and Co. tie the series? Or will the Lakers take a 3-1 lead?