“I Wanna See You Be Great”: NBA Legend Allen Iverson Ready to Put His Money Behind Steve Nash




The Brooklyn Nets acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving last offseason to contend for the NBA title. However, the team still lacked a quality head coach to manage the superstars. To everyone’s surprise, the Nets hired Steve Nash over many other candidates. Although Nash doesn’t have coaching experience, Allen Iverson is in full support of the decision by the Nets.

AI didn’t play with Nash at any point in his career, but they were opponents on various occasions. Moreover, both the players won MVP awards during their careers and yet had completely different play styles.

Iverson talked about Nash on the “Showtime Basketball” podcast and discussed the Nets’ decision to go for Nash as their head coach.

I knew it was Steve Nash, like I knew it. Because he has so much to offer to our sport, he’s excellent, he’s a great person. I never had the luxury of being around him a lot, but heard stories from other guys. I wanna see him succeed and the situation that he is in with those two excellent and all the other guys that they have got around the team is a recipe for greatness.

I wanna see you be great, man, I wanna see you be like legendary Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown type influence.”

Allen Iverson had nothing but praise for the debuting coach. Like he said, he was a great player and definitely one of the best point guards of his generation. The Nets will hope that Nash can bring the same level of success as a head coach as well.

Can Steve Nash fulfill the expectations of Allen Iverson?

Joining as a head coach for a star-studded team like the Brooklyn Nets brings its own pressure. Even experienced coaches can fail to manage the egos in a super team, let alone a debutant coach.

Moving towards the next season, this will be the biggest task that Steve Nash needs to pull off. Second, when a team has players of KD and Irving’s caliber, fans have high expectations and that is the case with the Nets as well.

Fans want to see their team win it all, and both KD and Irving have past championship experience under their belts. But can they win it all in just their first season playing together? Well, only time will tell that.