“I Never Beg”: Los Angeles Lakers Player Hits Back With a Solid Response to Hate Messages on Twitter




Boredom spares no one during quarantine. No NBA means no entertainment at all. While fans wonder if the league will ever resume, the players will also have a similar school of thought, but with added pressure. For teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, their best title shot in 10 years would be deterred.

On the other hand, fans and players have been extremely active on Twitter and other social media platforms. While fans have the liberty to post their opinion on players and teams, most of it ends up as derogatory comments. While players mostly choose to ignore it, this quarantine period gets them up and running with their online replies. 

Jared Dudley shuts down a fan with his composed response

To cite an example from what you just read above, Jared Dudley just shut down a fan who tried to irk him with his comments. The person criticized Dudley’s abilities and somehow assured that the Lakers won’t be re-signing him next year.

Though, Dudley has evolved as more of a developmental player with the team, his presence still boosts the youngsters who are a bit inexperienced. The 34-year-old has a great three-point range and never seems to be bothered by the comments circulating around the internet. The satisfying part is that, he views these comments that critique him and replies to them in the most entertaining way. 

Replying to the person who picked on Dudley to be “begging” the Lakers to re-sign him next year, he said, “I’m here for the betterment of league and future generations of players. Long after I’m done playing I will still be working in this league. No season means no revenue and New CBA… I never beg brother, but let’s just wait and see if your right.”

 Los Angeles Lakers the main contenders to win the championship

The Lakers are atop the Western Conference with a pretty impressive record. Boasting a well-balanced team, LeBron James is just the guiding light on their path to glory. The Lakers last won the title in 2010, under the leadership of Kobe Bryant. From then till now, they have been put to the test by multiple teams arising with greater power.

Los Angeles Lakers

This season proved to be a game-changing one after the team brought in Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. With LeBron and AD providing their expertise, players like Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso have been thriving under them. The team is passing well, moving with confidence and in finishing, they are just spectacular. 

Their best-ever performance came in November last year. The Lakers went 14-1 during the month and their only loss came at the hands of the Toronto Raptors. Standing first in their division and conference, the team would be hopeful of getting back soon. While many tout the team to win the title this year, everything depends on the betterment of the pandemic crisis.