“I Missed Too Many Things” : Roger Federer Reveals His Rough Past




To be a tennis player, it is crucial to make certain sacrifices early on to reap its benefits at a later stage. One of the most popular players of our generation, Roger Federer spoke about certain sacrifices and misses he made to advance ahead in his career.

In an inspiring video with BecomingX, Federer gave a cautious advice that he learned from his career. Federer said: “You wanna maybe spend a little bit more time with your friends or family and not look back and go like,  ‘maybe I missed too many things, maybe I sacrificed almost too much.’ And I believe in a very much a healthy balance.”

Federer made early decisions to leave his home and pursue tennis. He adviced on maintaining a balance between career and personal life. It is because one must not have regrets when retrospecting their past decisions.

Roger Federer: Career progression, from player to entrepreneur

Roger Federer’s career has had an interesting career progression. Now nearing an eventual retirement in a few years, he is enjoying an entrepreneurial lifestyle as well. Last year, Federer had invested in Swiss sneakers brand ‘On’. Joining the apparel brand, Federer has quickly become an influential figure there. The brand has now launched a variety of new sneaker line ups under Roger Federer’s name.

Apart from an entrepreneur, Federer is a brand in himself. During the tennis lockdown period, Federer joined hands with various brands in rolling out advertisements and interviews. It is evident by the fact that Forbes named him the highest-earning athlete in 2020. It is reported that Federer earns a whopping $100 million from endorsements alone.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer at 2020 Australian Open. (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)

Now his knee surgeries have prevented Federer from appearing on the tennis court. Tennis admirers were forced to see his old highlights and interviews for most of the 2020 season. But Federer has returned to training and is on course to make a comeback at the 2021 Australian Open. So will Federer repeat his 2017 comeback in 2021?

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