How Many College Scholarship Offers Has LeBron James Jr. Received?




LeBron James came up in an era where players could go straight to the NBA from high school. However, from the 2006 Draft Class onwards, players are required to either play a minimum of one year in college or professional basketball before declaring for the Draft. Though LeBron had the luxury to jump from high school to the NBA, his 15-year-old son, Bronny, will not get that same privilege.

Bronny James is years away from even thinking about his NBA career. He is currently in his sophomore year at Sierra Canyon high school and will graduate in 2023. Considering he is just 15 and already 6’2, there are going to be developments in Bronny’s physical capability and talents. He is ranked as the 24th best prospect in his high school class currently.

However, Bronny can be assured that he will play for a Division 1 NCAA team if he goes to college. One of the most respected coaches in college basketball, John Calipari, offered Bronny a scholarship to Kentucky at the age of 2.

The Kentucky Wildcats are one of the most successful NCAA teams of all-time. They are known for their aggressive recruitment, and giving a scholarship offer to an 11-year-old is definitely aggressive recruiting.

LeBron James Jr. on a steady path to success

While it is obvious that Bronny receives a lot of extra attention because of his father, the young man is backing up all suppositions. Bronny is quite an explosive guard, who is currently playing with older prospects. However, his early rankings do not show a LeBron James-like trajectory.

Bronny plays for Sierra Canyon High School with Dwyane Wade’s son, Zaire. The team is stacked with talent, which has slowed Bronny’s individual progress down. However, he is bound to take on a bigger role as he matures as a player.

While Bronny has a concrete offer from Kentucky, there is also serious interest from the North Carolina Tar Heels, UCLA, and Duke. It doesn’t hurt to be spoiled for choice, and this is an elite assortment of options.

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