Houston Rockets Create New Three-Pointers Franchise Record Despite Departure of James Harden




During the days of Mike D’Antoni, the Houston Rockets were infamous for only shooting threes. Their whole offense revolved around James Harden, iso ball, and a lot of three-point shooting. So with both of them not in Houston anymore, a new era began for the Rockets under Stephen Silas.

But they still ranked 4th in the league in terms of three-pointers attempted per game. Tonight, they took this to record-breaking levels, as they made 28 three-pointers against the Thunder, to break their franchise record. They were also just one shy of tying the NBA record which was set by the Bucks earlier this season.

During the post-game interview, coach Silas revealed that the players were aiming for the record too. He said, “The guys at the end of the bench were cheering them on to shoot 3s. I was more concerned with the win.”

Houston Rockets are having fun now

During the Harden days, a lot of players were left unhappy with their role on the team. They were restricted to just being spot-up shooters, or ball feeders to Harden for him to iso. But now they are enjoying how the team is playing. Eric Gordon, who was on the verge of leaving during the Rockets’ off-season chaos, was one of the first ones to say, “We’ve been having fun,” after the game.

But only are the players enjoying their role, but also the coach. After taking over a mess during the off-season, Silas is in a better place now. He said, “I’m having a blast. I’m having fun. I’m not going to wait 20 years to be a head coach and not have fun doing it. Even when times are hard and times are shaky, I’m going to have fun throughout.”

Not only is the team having fun, but they are also delivering results. After trading away Harden, they had three losses in their first four games, and their record was a miserable 5-9. But since then, they have clicked well, and are currently 10-9 after a brilliant six-game winning streak.

Coach Silas will hope that the Rockets can keep this momentum till the end of the season, and qualify for the playoffs as well.

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