“His Mom Is Smiling Down on Him”: Kentucky’s John Capilari Urges Karl-Anthony Towns to Stay Strong




Karl-Anthony Towns turns 25 today. The Timberwolves center has had a tough year both personally and professionally. He suffered through injury, while his team failed to even qualify for the Orlando Bubble. Even worse than this, COVID-19 took away his beloved mother.

Towns’ former coach at the University of Kentucky, John Capilari took to twitter to wish him.  Capilari who coached Towns in the 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats wrote, “I’m so proud of Karl and I know his mom is smiling down on him.” 

KAT who was very close to his mother, had posted a heart-breaking video earlier this month describing the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has left on his life and his family.

Towns remembering the horrid moment said “I remember she just told me ‘I’m so sorry if I ever did anything that didn’t make you proud of me as a mom,’ and I said stop talking like that you’re going to be just fine,”; You’re going to be in a coma just for a little and we’re going to bring you back out and you’ll be good as new.”

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What does the future hold for Karl-Anthony Towns?

Towns has been in NBA for 5 years now. Drafted #1 by the Timberwolves, the team managed to make it to playoffs only once. Understandably he would be growing frustrated considering he is reaching his prime. The team brought Towns’ best friend, D’Angelo Russell. It is early days, but this can become a great partnership ahead.

Minnesota has the #1 pick for the upcoming 2020 NBA Drafts. If they manage to get it right and club the partnership of KAT and D’Angelo Russell with LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards, the team might be on the path for glory. However, they must aim for win-now position else they stand a chance of losing KAT.

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