“He’s Beaten Vettel”- What McLaren F1 Boss Brown Likes the Most About Daniel Ricciardo




Daniel Ricciardo had considered McLaren two years earlier while jumping ship from Red Bull. Eventually, he ended up at Renault; however, 2 years down the line, he is slated to rev the engines at McLaren. Talk about destiny, eh?

Daniel has his seat with the English Constructors for 2021 sealed. The Aussie is looking to replace Carlos Sainz, who is set to join Scuderia Ferrari.

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Zak Brown compliments Daniel Ricciardo on his aggressiveness.

Zak Brown recently featured on the podcast ‘Beyond The Grid’ ahead of the Russian Grand Prix and spoke about all things F1. Amidst all that, Tom Clarke encouraged Brown to share his admiration in Daniel. The Aussie has several attributes in him that deserve praise, and Brown highlighted the strongest.

“[Daniel] His aggressiveness. He is aggressive. He runs all his teammates very hard. He’s beaten Vettel; he has beaten Ocon [single]-handedly. He and Max. There is really not much between it. So l like how aggressive he is,” said the McLaren boss.

However, it is not just his aggression that pleases Brown. The air of smoothness that Daniel Ricciardo carries along with him is also a commendable trait. Zak Brown comments on the sheer personality that makes him more valuable than anyone else.

“Of course, I like his personality. We got to know him a lot last time around. As a racing driver, he is the guy you know if he is behind you he is coming,” remarked Brown

Ricciardo over Vettel, remarks Brown

Clarke couldn’t help but ask Brown about his views on whether Ricciardo could be placed over Vettel. He appealed to the ‘marketeer’ in Brown, inquiring whether Vettel would have been a better pick over Daniel.

Though the answer could have roused unwanted controversy, Brown’s experience helped him render the perfect explanation in the context.

“No, I think Daniel is a bigger personality. Actually, if you were going to compare the two, while one has 4 world championships and the other has 7 Grand Prix wins, I think there is more runway left in Daniel.”

Monza, Italy – September 4, 2020: Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren’s Carlos Sainz Jr., and Racing Point’s Sergio Perez during practice REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini/Pool

Brown is optimistic that Ricciardo’s personality will fit well with the team over Vettel’s. His belief is that Ricciardo will be a better influence on Lando over Vettel. Therefore, their choice of Ricciardo over the 4-time World Champion is justified.

It overjoys Zak Brown that there is no controversy within his team. He compares his garage to that of a Ferrari or Racing Point. The relief he gains from keeping relations strong with Carlos pleases him. The aim is to hold present ground and keep aspiring for higher.

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