Here’s Renault’s Team Orders Asking Ocon to Let Daniel Ricciardo by During the Russian GP




Drama and suspense was a major part of proceedings at the Russian Grand Prix. The 1st lap accidents to Hamilton’s penalty eventually leading to Bottas’ win, the afternoon was as exciting as it could get. Yet, it may not be similarly exciting for Renault’s Esteban Ocon. The team radio clip revealed how the engineers advised Ocon to let Daniel Ricciardo past.

In a series of informative radio transmissions, what might have disheartened the Frenchman the most was to give up his lead. The team decided that the Aussie will have a better place on the scoreboard and advised Esteban accordingly.

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Esteban allowed Daniel Ricciardo to pass through on the team’s advice

“Ok, Esteban, we need to let Daniel through; we need to let Daniel through.” was the first message on the subject. The Frenchman further clarifies which lap or turn shall it be to let Daniel overtake him.

“Ok, Esteban, need to let Daniel pass into Turn 2; need to let Daniel pass into Turn 2,” echoed the engineers’ reply.

This was rather disheartening to an otherwise fruity radio transmission. The team had advised him earlier to push and get ahead of Vettel and keep pushing to go ahead. After the Aussie had passed Ocon, the team advised the Frenchman to keep steady behind Daniel.

“Okay, stay focussed, big gap behind; just stick with Daniel,” continued the team radio. Eventually, the team called Esteban back to the tracks, leaving Daniel with a comfortable lead over the Frenchman.

The radio was not entirely gloom and doom. It also featured the team encouraging Ocon to take a lead ahead of Vettel. The confidence to take the 4-time World Champion head-on was pumped into him by his team.

“Okay Esteban, we need to pass Vettel; we really need to pass Vettel.” came the radio transmission. The words also show Ferrari gradually losing its grip over the game to relatively younger teams.

Daniel Ricciardo finished P5 and Ocon grabbed P7.

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