“Helping A Lot Of Guys”: Diego Schwartzman Lauds Dominic Thiem for Breaking Big 3’s Dominance at Grand Slams




People all around the world would unanimously agree that 2020 has not been what they expected. The pandemic ruined everyone’s plans, but the world of tennis saw the dawn of a new era. Dominic Thiem broke the ‘Big 3’s’ dominance and won the US Open which Diego Schwartzman feels has opened up new avenues for the players. 

Thiem shattered several records with his brilliant win at Flushing Meadows this year. He became the first player not named Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer to win a Grand Slam since 2016. 

Furthermore, he won the final after dropping the first two sets and became the first champion in the open era to do so. It was a victory of historic proportions and more importantly, a sign of change! Players now feel more confident that they can dethrone the Top 3 at Majors. 

Diego Schwartzman sat down for an interview before his debut at the ATP Finals and mentioned how Thiem and Alexander Zverev broke the chain that had been running for a long long time. 

“Dominic is helping a lot of guys,” Schwartzman said. “(Alexander) Zverev as well, playing the final there, to think, OK, we can do it.”

Dominic Thiem celebrates in his ATP Finals 2020 match
Mandatory Credit: Reuters/Paul Childs

“But it’s really difficult, you know, what you see, guys, is what we see here. So it’s really difficult to beat these guys in five sets and in a grand slam. They’re really, really good,” Schwartzman added.

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Diego Schwartzman feels Novak Djokovic is invincible if he gets going 

Diego Schwartzman is deservingly making his maiden ATP Finals appearance in 2020. It has been a fruitful year for the Argentine and a breakthrough season indeed. He’s earned a massive reputation for himself, and the final test is getting past his talented opponents in London. 

Schwartzman took on Novak Djokovic in his first round-robin game and had control of the match until one point. Djokovic cruised past him after that giving no room for the 28-year-old to initiate a comeback. 

Diego Schwartzman and Novak Djokovic at ATP Finals 2020
Mandatory Credit: Reuters/Paul Childs

“Well, everything is difficult against him,” Schwartzman said after the loss. “I think what he’s doing when he’s playing at his best, he’s moving the ball from everywhere to everywhere, you know, to every single point on the court.”

It was a tough match to digest for Schwartzman, but he still has a long way to go in the tournament. Back-to-back victories in the group stage can earn him a semi-final ticket which would be the perfect way to cap off a wonderful year. 

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