“He Will Also Try Everything to Slow Us Down”- Toto Wolff Reacts to F1’s New CEO




The race for CEO at F1 had competitors of equal mettle. One was Stefano Domenicali, and with him was Toto Wolff. The job suited both of them. However, Toto Wolff’s recent dissatisfaction with the FIA may have convinced the board to go the other direction.

Toto Wolff on Domenicali heading F1 as CEO

Stefano is slated to pick up the reins as CEO. Subsequently, the media approached several members on the grid to open up about the same. Sebastian Vettel had smartly avoided any controversial comments on the following. However, Toto Wolff is straightforward. He was aware of the implications if Stefano took office and he spoke out on the same.

“He will lead F1 with great integrity. But of course he will also try everything to slow us down. That’s part of the game,” said the Mercedes boss on Domenicali, assuming office.

Since they introduced the changes to F1, Toto has been at odds with the board. He knows that Mercedes will suffer the most at the hands of the Concorde Agreement and was therefore opposing it in since the beginning.

He points at the possibility of Domenicali pushing all those areas where Mercedes will be affected the most. Beneath the tweet, a fan commented, saying that equal distribution of the money can never be part of slowing someone down.

The additional clauses hope to make the sport more competitive. The FIA will have to take the steps if F1’s dying spirit has to be saved.

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The other side of the affair

Mercedes’ indifference towards the new Concorde Agreement is not unfounded as reaching the top of the food chain and dominating it like the Silver Arrows have, is no small feat. Therefore, it is an injustice for them.

However, Mercedes need to realize that they contribute a lot to make what F1 is today, a monotonous sport. The race at Monza was a stark example of how the sport is still lively, but only behind the AMGs. Therefore, whatever done, will be done to help the sport grow.

Nonetheless, few discussions like the reverse grid system have offended many on the grid and they have spoken strongly against it.

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