“He Just Didn’t Want People to See All That”: Director Reveals a Surprising Request Made by Michael Jordan




‘The Last Dance‘ revealed various stories of Michael Jordan on and off the court. Despite opening up to various incidents of the past, Michael Jordan keeps his privacy intact. He didn’t conform to the episodes being shot at his place. It’s not the first time Michael wanted to maintain his privacy. Jason Hehir told ‘Insider’ that the series was shot elsewhere.

Michael has been extremely low profile post his retirement. The man earns in billions but wishes to keep his inner circle close to him. He doesn’t prefer his life outside basketball to be exposed to the media. MJ owns multiple businesses such as Air Jordan and Charlotte Hornets, but Jason says, “There are certain aspects of his life that he wants to keep private.” 

Michael Jordan was candid but not at home

The director of Jordan’s latest docu-series shared, “He just didn’t want people to see all that. I respected that, so I never pushed back.” As a solution to this, they shot the episodes in three different homes located near Jordan’s own home. Hehir told Insider that two of them were homes of friends from the production unit.

The Last Dance' director says film shows that nothing came easy ...

Hehir chose the locations for MJ’s interview as per his taste. Many viewers would have mistaken it for Jordan’s house. Well, obviously, the background was elite with an ocean-facing view. “I looked for places that seemed like Michael might live in,” Hehir mentioned. “I knew what his real house looked like and I knew this is a wealthy guy who has certain tastes, so we wanted something to match that.”

How exciting would it be for those who’s houses were picked for the interview! Michael Jordan in your house sitting opening up for the series coming up. Well, that’s like a dream. “You’d be surprised how quickly people will open their doors when you say, ‘Can Michael Jordan come over and be interviewed at your house?’” Hehir said.

Michael resides in The Bear’s Club golf course resort in Florida. His actual house name is Jupiter. That must be a difficult deal for the director to give up MJ’s house for the documentary.

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