“Haven’t Seen Anything Like That Before”: Chris Bosh Picks LeBron James’ Best Teammate So Far




LeBron James has been a constant in the NBA Finals ever since 2011, while his franchises and teammates varied. The only year he missed out on the Finals was 2019, but what he earned that year was an extraordinary ally in the name of Anthony Davis. 

The Los Angeles Lakers had a dream run in 2020, where they were seeded #1 in the western conference and played like kings in the post-season. LeBron will be 36-YO when the 2020-21 season kicks off. Now is the correct time to debate over his best teammate ever in all the 16+ years he gave to the league.

LeBron James’ former Miami Heat teammate cast his vote!

Only last week, Kendrick Perkins, who played alongside Bron in 2014-15, claimed that Anthony Davis is by far the L-Train’s best teammate. To this comment, Dwyane Wade himself responded in affirmation. 

But now, the integral part of ‘the big three’, Chris Bosh has picked his best choice for LeBron. He revealed in an interview, “…as far as ranking teammates, it’s tough to rank. You know who I’m going to choose. It’s Dwyane Wade for me because Dwyane said, LeBron, you need to be the guy, you’re the No. 1 option, and I’ll figure everything out, you just go ahead and be comfortable being who you are. On top of that, just the effect they had on the game, I’ve never seen anybody do what they did. The steals. The lobs. The dunks. You could play highlights of those two forever. That stuff is classic. I haven’t seen anything like that before or after. As far as I’m concerned, that’s how I feel. Dwyane was a great compliment to him. Just cue the highlights.”

Dwyane Wade vs Anthony Davis

Dwyane and LeBron played on the same roster for four years. Bron won his first and second ring, thanks to his camaraderie with Dwyane Wade. Notably, the 16-time NBA All-star appeared in his first NBA Finals for the Cavs in 2007 but lost to a dominating San Antonio Spurs. He could seek revenge in 2013 when the Miami Heat defeated the Spurs 4-3 in a nail-biting series. They were against the likes of Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Parker. 

2020 was the duo’s first season together, and their way to the NBA Finals has not been as tough as compared to the Heat. However, one must also note that the Heat had Chris Bosh to support the duo, while the Lakers have no one as good as to compliment the duo on that level. So, the debate remains never ending. There is no right or wrong answer to this until someday LeBron himself reveals his favorite.