‘Hated You More Than I Loved You’ – Leclerc, Ricciardo and Other F1 Drivers Send New Years Wishes




The New Year brings new hope with it. Tearing off one calendar, we put up another in its place. Well, that action symbolizes our renewed hopes. The F1 world also has the same expectation from its new year, a better one in short. This year saw pilots having to survive through COVID.

With next season coming up, the FIA is undertaking a colossal responsibility on its shoulders. With the onset of COVID still at large, conducting a full-scale 23-round championship is risky. However, keeping the passion of F1 away from fans and pilots would be a sin far too great. Thus, with extreme caution, we gear up for the new season.

2020 has been quite a difficult year for everyone, and people around the world are hopeful for the next year. Well, F1 drivers are no different. At the dawn of the new year, drivers from all teams took to social media to wish their fans.

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F1 pilots wish fans in the New Year

A few of the pilots had a small message for this year. They knew their fans would wait to hear from them on New Year’s eve and they did not disappoint.

For instance, Charles Leclerc had a humble request for the new year. “2020, I hated you more than I loved you. 2021, be nicer to everyone please,” read his tweet.

Sergio Perez called in for a nationalistic New Year. He greeted his motherland and wished for its everlasting glory.

I ask for a 2021, where we unite more as a Country and together we move forward !!!!! Today more than ever it’s time to support us and speak well of our Mexico! Cheers, for a great 21!

George Russell had quite an educative year this season. He had little to say, but his smile spoke a thousand words of his bright future. “Cheers to a better 2021,” wished George.

Our boy from Perth came around with an alternative lifestyle altogether. He was one of the few who was grateful to 2020.

I’m normally boy band drunk by this stage. Thanks 2020. You’ve changed me,” read Ricciardo’s post.

Pilots have expectations from 2021

Well, the entire F1 circus has high hopes from 2021. not only health-wise but also based on competition. The year was not at all equal for all the teams. With Mercedes again seated in a comfortable lead, challenged only by Red Bull, the battle in the midfield was negligible.

All the fans hope that the new regulations will live up to their promise. The pilots such as Daniel and Hamilton have complained of monotony this season. Well, the F1 authorities know that the word is bad for business and they will try to make the fight interesting again.

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