‘Gritting His Teeth’: Tom Brady’s 7th Superbowl Ring Have People Wanting Michael Jordan to Come Out of Retirement




When it comes to sports, the G.O.A.T debate has always been prevalent. Two names have always prevailed over every other athlete, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.

Before yesterday’s super bowl, Brady and Jordan were always compared as the ultimate G.O.A.T of sports. Both of them had six championships, both of them were arguably the best player in the league by far, and both of them had a big impact in their respective sport.

But something changed yesterday. The 43-year-old Brady defeated the Kansas City Chiefs and won his seventh ring, surpassing MJ in the number of titles won.

Twitter goes Crazy about Michael Jordan & Tom Brady G.O.A.T. Debate

Understandably people all across the globe have been rampant in establishing who the ultimate G.O.A.T. is. The funniest tweet by far was the Jordan meme from the Documentary Series ‘The Last Dance’ were MJ says “I took it personally.”

Irrespective of all the banter that is going on, both the athletes are undoubtedly the best their sport has ever seen. Not only have they shattered all the possible records, they have dominated their game with their enormous talent.

When the G.O.A.Ts played with each other

It is very rare to see two of greatest in their sport play with each other. But both Michael Jordan and Tom Brady did just that once. From 2000 to 2014, MJ who is a longtime fan of golf, organised a celebrity invitational golf tournament.

Jordan, who dominated the basketball court, was unable to do the same in the golf course going trophyless in the first five years. In 2006, MJ organized the tournament in the Bahamas. He had a star-studded opposing celebrity team of Rollie Fingers and Bill Guthridge, Charles Barkley and Jon Smoltz, Kenny Lofton with Flex Alexander, Lawrence Taylor and Dwight Freeney and others.

Jordan knew that he had to have a special player to win the tournament, enter Tom Brady. The then 29-year-old was already a three-time champion and was already one of the best the game had ever seen.

The G.O.A.T. duo were just too talented and cruised passed through the opposition. Maybe it was just a trailer of what might have been if both Brady and Jordan played with each other in any given sport.

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