‘Get off My D—k!’: Celtics Legend Reveals How Kevin Garnett Once Humiliated Joakim Noah




The NBA was an incredibly physical league back in the 90s and the subsequent decade. Moreover, players torched each other with trash-talk and Kevin Garnett epitomized the word “ruthless”. The Boston Celtics legend has presented fans with several enjoyable moments on the court, and here’s a lesser-known story about him!

The Celtics in the 2000s decade were dominant. That’s the long story short as the franchise had three superstars in Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Garnett teaming up for Boston. The latter was a towering player who stood at 6’11” and switched between the forward and center positions. 

SHANGHAI, CHINA – MARCH 11: Former NBA player Kevin Garnett attends a press conference as spokesman for Hupu.com on March 11, 2019 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images)

There are several anecdotes from the past that remain unearthed, and Hall of Famer Ray Allen spilled the beans about one such event that happened. Allen recently joined ‘The Posecast,’ where he had a chat with 2x NBA champion James Posey about his career. 

As the podcast went on, the duo talked about Kevin Garnett at one point and Allen couldn’t refrain from bringing up a crazy trash-talking story about the 2004 MVP. 

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Kevin Garnett humiliated Joakim Noah when the Bulls played the Boston Celtics

Garnett was ruthlessly aggressive as a player. He spared no one with his trash talk, and the league’s new entrants were his bait. 

Likewise, when a young Joakim Noah joined the Chicago Bulls late in the 2000s decade, the young center faced the wrath of playing against Garnett. 

Allen narrated one such moment on Posey’s podcast about how Noah once got humiliated when he tried to learn from Garnett. 

KG backed him down, turned around, pump faked, step side side and shot the ball from the baseline,” Allen said.  “Next time down the floor, Joakim Noah goes, ‘Big Fella, that was a great move. How did you do that? I want you to teach me that.’ KG was like, ‘Man, get off my d—k!’”

Noah received harsh treatment indeed, but it was all due to a bit of curiosity to learn. Well, Garnett certainly wasn’t in the space to offer tips to Noah in the midst of a game. One could simply infer that Noah was a victim of KG’s infamous on-court antics. 

Garnett won the NBA championship with Boston Celtics in 2008 and holds the reputation of being a 15-time All-Star. The 2008 Defensive Player of the Year is a part of the star-studded Basketball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2020. 

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