“Freak in Basketball”: Isiah Thomas Gives Further Reasons Why LeBron James is GOAT of NBA




The Lakers stepped into the 2019-20 season restart by defeating the Clippers in the bubble. There were only a few instances if any at all when their big man LeBron James seemed to be struggling. In fact, he laid down myriad records as he picked his rhythm that was lost because of the halt.

NBA analysts and the former champions, all kept their keen eyes on the 35-year-old and his performance. It was a make-or-break moment for The Akron Hammer, who had a statement to deliver. Nothing short of a championship victory was acceptable, and that’s what he achieved. So where do the greats put him now?

Isiah Thomas honored LeBron James big time

In a recent interview, the two-time NBA Champion spoke very highly of the L-Train. He expressed, “We have never seen in the NBA, a player like LeBron James. He breaks a record every single night just to remind you that you’re never seen this before. Some people will have a record and they’re dominating one category, but he’s in the Top 10 in everything. That’s never happened, from the guard position, and wing position in our sport.”

The four-time NBA Champion with three unique franchises, LeBron had a crazy 2019-20 season. He averaged a double-double with 25.3 points, 7.8 boards, and 10.2 assists. Even before the NBA 2020 Finals, LeBron led the league with 395 defensive rebounds. Be it his blocks, the field goals, or the triple-doubles, the man was everywhere breaking and setting mind-boggling records.

What is Bron’s greatest strength?

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers celebrating in 2020 NBA Finals
Lakers forward LeBron James holds up four fingers after winning his fourth NBA championship. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to pinpoint and pick one out of his so many supreme powers. But Mr. Wonderful put it the best way when he said that LeBron makes absolutely “no mistakes” in the game and hence dominates most players. 

The former Pistons great further added, “It’s going to be hard for people to look back 10 years from now and say ‘he wasn’t the best’. You can have your emotional best, but what this guy’s been doing… we’ve got a freak in basketball… We have never seen this type of athlete body performance consistency from a guy, this long.”

Everyone in the league who is blessed enough to play alongside Bron or watch him practice believes his work ethic is just insane. No wonder why even at the age of 35, he hardly misses a game. 

Do you think Bron will be back by year-end to represent the Lakers? Or will he take a fortnight’s worth of rest? 

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