Former OKC Teammate Opens Up on Russell Westbrook’s Leadership Style




Ever since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook has not been the same player. Due to some lingering injury troubles, Russ has lost his freakish athleticism, which made him stand out from his opponents.

After being with OKC for the majority of his career, Russ now plays for the Washington Wizards. While he was the kingpin of the Thunder franchise, in the Wizards, he is sharing the spotlight with a superstar in Bradley Beal.

Unfortunately, the dynamic duo has been struggling to lead their team to crucial victories. Could it be due to Russell Westbrook not being the sole leader for the team? That remains a huge question.

Is Russell Westbrook a good leader?

Dec 31, 2020; Washington, DC, USA; Russell Westbrook #4 of the Washington Wizards celebrates after making a three pointer against the Chicago Bulls in the first half at Capital One Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rob Carr/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of Westbrook’s leadership skills, his former teammate, Steven Adams, gave his take on the same topic. Adams made the revelation on the “JJ Redick Podcast.” He stated:

He’s great, he was awesome. He just reminded me of one of my older brother. They are intense and stuff and say a lot of things and whatnot. But you kinda gotta swift through all that and kinda see what they are actually saying. … But this is just on the court, off the court, solid dude, awesome, really really cool.”

Adams further talked about something that stands out for him about his former teammate Russell Westbrook.

The biggest thing that I like that not many people understand is that he will make a decision and as basic as it sounds, it’s actually pretty crucial. … It’s a huge thing to have because when you are 100% committed and everyone’s on the same page for whatever it is. Even if it may not be the most optimal scheme, it has a higher chance of succeeding than the one when you’re kinda on the fence.”

Westbrook has always been an outspoken leader who never backs down from speaking his mind out. In fact, this personality might have been a contributing factor in his decision to leave the Rockets after just one year.

The Rockets were never an ideal place for a player like Westbrook. However, that’s in the past, and as of now, most fans are wondering, can the former NBA All-Star lead the Wizards to a respectful record this season?

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