Former NBA Player Names LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the Most Misjudged People in the League




NBA players are entitled to leave their opinion on matters surrounding the league and other important matters. However, there are a few players who are always misunderstood or misjudged by the audience for their comments. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are probably at the top of the list.

Former NBA player Baron Davis gave his opinion on the matter on an episode of the “Load Management” podcast by Complex.

I would probably say somebody like KD.”

Apart from KD, LeBron is another player who’s statements and deeds have always been misjudged. Baron Davis knows that, as he states his belief that James is arguably the most misjudged player.

“Yeah, I would say LeBron is the most, you know, culturally amazing superstar of our time… I wish people started like, you know, judging them, judging him on that.

I mean, it’s just all incredible that you know, like, this dude comes out of high school. Right? He does, right?… Yeah, his homeboys in his circle of people. And they all did it. Right. play by the rules, you know what I mean? was dealt you know what I mean? Dub the car, the hand that they played that shit, you know what I mean? And that’s it worked in his favor.

“And guess what, bro? You know, see that dude doing nothing? He’ll do nothing wrong, bro. And people be fun for him. You know, be doing shit wrong. All he do is try to be you know what I mean?… He should be the one f**king running for president.”

Over the 17 years of his career, LeBron James has done a lot both on and off the court. He has helped a plethora of people in need and will continue to do so. The same goes for the Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

What does next season hold for LeBron James and Kevin Durant?

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant
DENVER, CO–Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder, during practice at Pepsi Center Friday afternoon. Andy Cross, The Denver Post (Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

For LeBron James, the biggest goal is to defend his NBA title. The competition in the league will only increase, and it would be a tough challenge for LeBron and co. to win it all.

But with Anthony Davis by his side, LeBron has a significant chance for a repeat. However, for Kevin Durant, he has an even tougher task at hand. After sitting out the entire season recovering from an Achilles injury, he will be making a return.

Additionally, KD will be playing for a different team after three long years. But teaming up with Kyrie should make the job easier for him.

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