Former NBA Head Coach Details How Doc Rivers Will Benefit Philadelphia 76ers’ Simmons-Embiid Duo




The Philadelphia 76ers signed Doc Rivers as their Head Coach to ensure that the team doesn’t plateau on the success they have already enjoyed. With a first-round sweep in 2020, the team had to make a coaching change.

Former LA Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro recently commented on the situation. (29.16) “Well, the Sixers are all about Embiid and Ben Simmons working together. So having a veteran coach is obviously I think going to be a benefit.

“I think those guys, I think Doc will definitely have their ear and put them in positions of strength. I think they can coexist together.

“People have questioned that a little bit, but they’re both incredibly talented with different skill sets. But you know, it’s hard to find talent like those guys.”

He added, “So not only talent, but size and different skill sets and abilities that are incredibly hard to find. They’ll put those guys in areas of strength, and it’ll really be about what they build around those guys in the system and the structure that Doc and his staff put for them.

“But experience will be helpful with that roster and what they’re trying to do to get back to be, you know, being relevant at a high level and Eastern Conference.”

Doc Rivers coaching Simmons and Embiid to a possible title?

Doc Rivers has a big task ahead of him. He needs to figure out a way for Philadelphia to develop with their franchise centerpieces rather than stagnate on their progress.

Having generational talents on one team seems like a gift, but when their skill-sets don’t mesh well, it can be a curse. That is a curse Philly have faced, and Doc may be the best man to figure this out.

Ben Simmons is 6’10 but has the skill-set of a guard that cannot shoot. If Doc was to rely on Simmons’ playmaking more, he should look to add scorers around the team to supplement Joel Embiid’s production offensively. The team would take a step forward if this were to happen.

Similarly, if Doc can engineer a hybrid offense where the two stars share time scoring in the paint, they should be okay. However, all of this is easier said than done. It will be interesting to see how Doc manages this situation.

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