Former NBA Champion Suggests How Anthony Davis Could Plan His Future with The Lakers




The Los Angeles Lakers have had a brilliant start to free agency. They have signed Montrezl Harrell and Wesley Matthews so far and don’t look like they’re done. As they wrap up these other signings, star Anthony Davis is just a formality away from returning to the team.

He is reportedly analyzing how to plan out an extension. Former NBA Champion Paul Pierce spoke about what AD should do.

“I would line my contract up directly with LeBron’s because he can sign for 35% of the cap (10-year veteran),” Pierce said. “I would start thinking long-term, even for a 5 or 6-year deal.

“Because you might win another championship as a Laker. There is nowhere else you can go after being a Laker after winning 2 championships and being the face of the franchise after LeBron has left.”

LeBron James turns 36 next month, so AD is expected to be his successor at the Lakers. So Pierce believes Davis should look at a long-term deal.

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Paul Pierce praises Anthony Davis for his versatility

Later Pierce spoke about having multiple options is good for Davis, while also praising him for him being so skillful on the ball.

He said, “It’s a good thing to have these types of options for Anthony Davis to make this type of decision. He is one of those players whose game is injury-proof.

“He’s 7 feet, athletic, can do so many things with the ball: he can shoot, soft-touch, handle the ball. Healthy or not, he’s still going to get a great deal, so maybe two is the way to go.”

Since Davis has so many options, he is taking his time and will delay the decision as much as possible. He has made his intentions clear about returning so Lakers fans don’t have to worry.

The Lakers are also showing their ambition towards repeating by making strong moves so far, which will be an added incentive for Davis to return.

They are already the best Western Conference team on paper, and will only have to worry about the Nets in a potential Finals battle. While LeBron James vs Kevin Durant will be an intense battle, Davis could be the trump card to help them trounce the Nets.

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