Former Lakers Teammate Showcases an Unseen Video of a Young Kobe Bryant Dancing




A rare video of Kobe Bryant dancing surfaced on social media on Thursday. It was Bryant’s former teammate Caron Butler who shared the video on twitter.

It seemed like a very young Kobe enjoying himself with dance. There were a few others in the short clip which concentrated on Bryant. “Ran across this clip of my brother Kobe Bryant it made me smile,” the caption to the video post read.

Caron Butler was a good friend of Kobe Bryant

Butler played only one season for Los Angeles Lakers but he and Bryant had a good relationship within a short period. Although Butler was at Lakers for the season when they failed to make it to the playoffs, Bryant once remembered Butler among his favorite teammates. As Butler referred to Bryant as a “brother” in his latest tweet, Kobe had once called him his little brother.

“He was like my little brother. Now he’s the big brother over there,” Bryant said. “It’s been great to see his development. It’s great to see his growth. I’m very, very proud of him.”

“He and I hit it off really well with guys that shoot straight from the hip. They don’t BS you and do silly stuff. Because of that, he and I have been extremely close from Day One.”

Butler started his NBA career in 2002 with Miami Heat. After playing the 2004-05 season with the Lakers, he went on to play a few teams including Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, and Milwaukee Bucks.

In his once year in the Lakers, he became good friends with Bryant whom he would later recall as a special friend.

“When I first came into the NBA, I never shared my story with anybody,” Butler said. “But when Kobe came to my house and saw me around my environment, I think he saw a lot more of the other side of my life and how I approached the way I played. I was always prompt with practice. I never quit on drills or anything like that.”