Former Lakers Teammate Delivers a Special Christmas Present for Kobe Bryant’s Family




Lakers legend Kobe Bryant gave NBA fans numerous memories on Christmas Day. However, this year he is not among us, but his former teammate Matt Barnes made sure to send a gift out to the Bryant family.

Matt Barnes sent Vanessa Bryant two beautiful wooden murals of Kobe and Gigi. This was a very thoughtful and memorable gift by Barnes, who has had his ups and downs with Kobe.

Vaness thanked Barnes for the thoughtful Christmas gift via her Instagram stories.

Barnes used the help of Roy Munson, who created these beautiful murals. These efforts made by the players and fans are for the Bryant family proves just how impactful Kobe Bryant truly was.

The history between Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes

Kobe and Matt go way back, they shared one of the most bizarre examples of the Mamba Mentality. Yes, the “no-flinch” incident between the two. Back in 2010, prior to Barnes and Bryant played on the same team, Matt Barnes tried to test Kobe.

During an inbound play, Barnes tried to scare off Kobe by pretending to throw the ball at Kobe. However, Kobe didn’t even flinch! Which gave birth to one of the best Mamba Mentality moments ever.

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Although some might argue that the ball was not near Kobe’s face, it was still an incredible moment. So incredible that it led to Kobe actually recruiting Barnes to the Lakers. Barnes revealed what Kobe told him in “All The Smoke” podcast.

Kobe’s message to Barnes was ‘Anyone crazy enough to f**k with me, is crazy enough to play with me, do you wanna be a Laker?’

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Barnes accepted Kobe’s invitation and joined the Lakers later down the line. However, the two could never win an NBA Championship together. Kobe was already regressing due to his recurring injury troubles.

Regardless of their history, this gift by Barnes is something the Bryant family will appreciate a lot. What are your thoughts on the gift by Barnes? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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