Former Lakers Player Declares the 2020 NBA Finals as the Most Challenging One Ever




The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are battling it out for the Championship ring in the NBA Finals. The Lakers have been leading since the very beginning, and even though the Heat gave us some hope by winning Game 3, the Lakers crushed that newfound hope in Game 4.

The Heat’s downfall could be attributed to key players suffering injuries from the very start of the Finals. However, we can’t deny the incredible performances LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and co. have put forth.

While most may think it has become a one-sided show, a former Lakers player has a very different opinion. He thinks this is the most challenging Finals we will ever witness in the history of any sport.

Former Lakers player Metta Sandiford-Artest justifies his statement

Also known as Metta World Peace and Ron Artest, the former Lakers player won an NBA Championship a decade ago. This was the last time the Lakers held the trophy, and it looks like they are close to reclaiming the silverware they lost.

We can all agree that the Orlando Bubble is not an easy environment to be in. Months of the same routine and regulations could be a very taxing scenario to be in.

And now that Artest is a spectator of the Finals, he tweeted about the bubble being a factor in his opinion. “This (NBA) final is absolutely the toughest finals in the history of any sport. Mentally draining being in the bubble and physically taken a toll.”

Following this, he also praised coach Frank Vogel for his wise decision surrounding Dwight Howard and keeping him in the starting lineup. “Coach Vogel did a great job giving Dwight some shine as a starter. LA, we put Dwight through a lot his first stint.”

“He had back surgery and we still bashed him. He had a disc the size of a flat softball removed from his back. Anyway. This is great to cement his legacy.”

The Orlando Bubble may be an external factor that has some effects on the players. This means that reaching the Finals may have been tougher. Nevertheless, we are hoping to see a better fight between the Lakers and Heat. Do you think the Lakers will finish it in Game 5?