Former Coach Surprised By Celtics’ Jayson Tatum’s Rapid Growth




Jayson Tatum is causing ripples in the NBA right now with his gameplay. He is in the running for future NBA champ and NBA MVP, looking destined for success in the NBA.

However, one thing that he can tick off this list is an NBA All-star nod. The 6 ft 8 in forward has taken his game to another level this season, with legend LeBron James openly acknowledging his successful first season.

Don Showalter lauds Jayson Tatum

Don Showalter is the current director of coach development of USA Basketball Youth Division. He has guided US junior national teams to several world championship titles. Further, he coached the likes of Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal in the youth categories.

Recently, Showalter gave an online Q&A session to Expressing his pride in Tatum’s development as a player, he said-

“I knew he was going to be a great player when he was with us as a U16 player, and 17. But I think he has made tremendous progress, more progress than I thought he would make in a shorter time. We knew he was eventually going to be an All-Star, though he’s probably accomplished that feat in less time than we thought.

“One thing about him is that he has a very high character, he’s got a great family around him that really supports him. Definitely, it’s not surprising that he’s reached a level. What’s surprising is maybe how quickly he has reached a very high level. Moreover, a lot of it goes to how he’s improved skill-wise, he’s smart, versatile, resilient–all those kinds of things.”

What Next for Tatum and the Celtics?

Jayson will enter his fourth year with the Boston Celtics in the 2020-21 season. The Celtics reached the Eastern Conference finals, where Miami Heat toppled them in a six-game series.

Now, Tatum has entered the MVP conversation along with Mavericks’ superstar Luka Doncic. The Duke alumni is riding the high of his most recent 90 NBA 2K 2021 rating. After adding all-NBA and all-star honors to his resume, he will look to add MVP to it. Maybe, he can lead the Celtics to a championship.

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