Former Coach of Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo Details Why Miami Heat is the Perfect NBA Team For the Two




Let’s forget about Miami Heat’s loss against the Celtics today for a minute. How about we focus on the incredible performances their players have been giving? The Miami Heat is still leading the playoff series by 3-2 and a lot of the credit goes to two of its players. Rookie Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo have flourished in the series that has helped Heat secure the lead to a great extent. Watching them, their former coach has a lot to say about his proteges.

Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo’s rising potential in Miami Heat

University of Kentucky coach, John Calipari came on ‘The Jump’ to discuss the two emerging stars. Herro and Bam were recruited by Calipari as high school prospects and became their head coach. Thus, his views on their form were very crucial to analyze.

Rachel Nichols asked John how he is feeling watching the two play. John stated, “When I watch these games and see Bam creating a new position, in the NBA, a point center. And then you see Tyler who has built his own confidence. There is a skill to working the way it works. That’s a skill too now. There’s a skill in being ultra-competitive and having a work ethic that’s endless. And both he and Bam are that way. Perfect for being in Miami because that’s their culture.” Talking about Tyler’s time while being drafted, Calipari said, “With Tyler, he was so young at 19 years old that I said at the time, this kid’s going to be special and Miami wanted him.”

Miami Heat Bam Adebayo vs Celtics Jaylen Brown
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Calipari was also questioned about Bam’s ceiling to which he responded, “What he’s doing and how Erik’s playing him, which literally is a point center, which means you do everything. He’s guarding five positions, he has a huge impact on the game.” He further raved about Bam’s infamous block against Jayson Tatum in Game 4. He explained that Bam is still young and his skills are just going to get better and better.

The former coach loves how the two want to win it for Jimmy Butler

In addition, John asserted, “The best thing for my two guys has been Jimmy Butler.” He reiterated how Tyler wanted to win this for Jimmy and that made John really proud. “He’s 20 years old. He’s not worried about him because he knows what Jimmy has done for him and Bam.” Coach Calipari appreciated the way these three show support to one another. He believes what’s going to win them games in the future.