Former Celtics Champion Puts Shame on Players for Fearing LeBron James




LeBron James had yet another memorable night in Game 4 against the Denver Nuggets. He took 14 attempts at free throws and connected 11. The man turned over not a single time and had some great defensive plays.

The critics who used to say that LeBron is way past his prime are now forced to reconsider that remark. In the NBA Playoffs 2020, he has been a force from the paint. Those power dunks that he drops have a ring to them that always get the commentators to go gaga. Add a few brutal blocks from him, and he is sending chills down the spine of his opponents. 

Do the players in the league fear LeBron James?

Boston Celtics champion and 10-time NBA All-star, Paul Pierce, recently backed this claim. In his 19-year-long career, Paul Pierce faced LeBron James 69 times. While Paul led 21-18 in the regular games, Bron led 17-13 in the post-season. Although Bron had an upper hand over Pierce in most of the game stats, their rivalry goes beyond that.

In an interview, Paul exclaimed, “Players of today are scared of LeBron. If they see LeBron standing in front of them, fear shakes in, I know this. My era is out the league, we weren’t afraid of LeBron. But these guys today, he strikes fear in these guys, I can see it.”

Both Paul Pierce and LeBron are known for their career longevity. However, the point Paul raised was the fact that his Boston Celtics side never feared LeBron when The Akron Hammer was a Cavalier. 

Their most memorable outing!

It was in the 2008 eastern conference semifinals when Doc Rivers’ Boston Celtics met the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Celtics won the series in an electrifying game 7.  That series was so tight that it was only once that any of the two teams got past the score of 100. The L-Train was the leading scorer in five of the seven games, scoring 45 in the decisive one that his side lost. 

Paul, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen formed the big three that would fear none. Paul Pierce became the finals MVP as the Celtics won their only title after entering the 21st century. But the point being, a dominant LeBron too could not stop them from winning. The point Paul wanted to make!