Five Instances When Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic Left Fans in Splits With His Hilarious Interviews




The Denver Nuggets took a chance with their 41st overall pick in 2014 and drafted a Serbian big man named Nikola Jokic. He only joined them a year later in 2015 and was their backup center. An injury to Jusuf Nurkic allowed him to get a starting spot, and since then, he has slowly become their best player.

His on-court skills have earned a lot of praise and accolades, but his off-court antics have left many in splits. Over the years, Jokic has proved he is one of the most hilarious players in the league. Yesterday, the Serbian was asked to point out his similarities with LeBron James.

He jokingly replied, “The speed is there. We are the same athletic-wise. I don’t know if he can jump as high as me, actually. Quickness, he’s a little bit older so I don’t know if he can keep up speed with me.” 

Before anyone could react, he clarified it was just a joke, but it just reminded the league why his nickname is rightly the Joker.

Looking back at some of the funniest bits from Nikola Jokic

After a 41 point game in 2017, Jokic was asked, “What is it like to be MVP?” He simply replied, “That was funny,” before doing an impression of the comic villain Joker’s iconic dialogue “Why so serious?”

The reporter never got his answer, but fans got a taste of his sense of humor.

Later in 2019, an interviewer asked him if he did anything fun at practice, and Jokic had the most unexpected reply. He said, “I was watching Pokemon for five hours.

During the bubble last year, Jokic’s excellence on their offense helped the Nuggets have a strong playoff performance. His playstyle is very calm and so the interviewer asked him how he is able to stay patient during the game. But if he was expecting a serious reply, he didn’t get it. Instead Jokic replied, “I’m patient because I cannot really run fast. That’s my only option.”

In another hilarious interview from the bubble, Jokic was asked what he was getting as a present for Coach Mike Malone’s birthday. He said, “I am going to get you home or I’m going to get you a Western Conference Finals.”

Not only is he one of the most talented players in the league, but also one of the funniest. If he gets a biography someday, it would certainly end with “The Man, the Meme, the Legend.”

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