Ferrari F1 Introduce Updates for “Future Developments” Ahead of the Russian GP




Formula 1 returns after a short break. The 10th race of the season in Sochi will flag off the second phase of intense racing. While the first half was eventful and thrilling, it was exhausting with races almost every weekend. While Mercedes emerged on top of the table, arch-rivals Ferrari struggled throughout the season.

The Russian Grand Prix has been a major speed bump for Ferrari for quite some time. The challenge is greater this time, as the performance of Ferrari is not the usual it is supposed to be.

The week off gave the engineers some time to devise a strategy to perform better. The major target, however, remains in the 2021 season with the complete upgrades and changes.

Sporting Director Laurent Mekies issued a statement regarding the slight change the SF1000 will be housing in Russia. The aerodynamic change will be a short-term implication with a long-term change in mind.

Depending upon the performance, the changes for the 2021 season will be carried out by the Scuderia.

“We will be introducing a few small aero updates on the SF1000, as part of the plan which extends over the next few races to correct as far as possible the weaknesses seen in recent races, particularly with a view to 2021,” he said.

“We’re not expecting this small package to make a big change but it will allow us to check its functionality and give us a baseline for future developments”.

Ferrari tussling with Haas in the Tuscan Grand Prix
Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Haas’ Romain Grosjean during qualifying |REUTERS

Ferrari targets new season for a proper comeback

Low on power, the Prancing Stallions was never able to offer a proper competition in the race. Often losing out to mid-table feuds, Ferrari struggled this season. The new implementation will not make major changes in terms of racing for Ferrari.

However, it’ll give them an insight into how it affects the racing. This will be used to change the technicalities before the 2021 season kicks in.