Fernando Alonso Set to Reunite with His First Championship Winning Car as Renault Tease Special Test




Fernando Alonso will make his comeback with Renault next season. He has already been involved in numerous practice sessions with Renault and helped them become the most improved team this season.

The Abu Dhabi test this season is supposed to be a young driver test with two cars per team. The teams were initially against the decision as a cost-saving measure, but they all opted to support the decision in favor of various rookie drivers.

Alonso will with his championship car at the Abu Dhabi test. Renault will bring the R25 back as the Spaniard will drive the machine that won him his first championship with Renault in 2005.

However, Renault announced this morning the FIA has allowed Fernando Alonso to take part in the young driver test. This decision has left some rival teams unhappy, as they believe that Renault will gain a clear advantage because Alonso is also their future driver.

Teams express their disagreement at FIA’s decision regarding Fernando Alonso

Renault’s immediate competitors, McLaren, Ferrari, and Racing Point have expressed their opposition to Alonso taking part in the young drivers’ test.

The rules stated, “An optional one day test, for the sole purpose of providing young drivers with the opportunity to test a current Formula 1 car. [The driver] must be in possession of an International A Licence; and unless otherwise approved by the FIA, not have competed in more than two F1 World Championship races during their career.”

McLaren boss expressed his issue with FIA’s decision and stated that even if FIA has their discretion, they should still keep the whole purpose of the test in mind. The rules state the driver must have done a maximum of two Grand Prix; however, Fernando Alonso has won two championships already.

According to the teams, Renault could gain an advantage if the veteran driver gets to drive at the Abu Dhabi test. His experience could allow a sampling of the car and contribute to its development over the break.

Fernando Alonso will be back at the grid after a break of two years. His last race was with McLaren in 2018. Since then, he has raced in several other races. The experiences and skills from those two years could help both Alonso and Renault put up a consistent fight for podium finishes next season.

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