Fernando Alonso Attacks F1 Over Its Preseason Testing Rules




Fernando Alonso is all set to restart his career in Formula 1 with Renault from the 2021 season. Considering his comeback after quite a long time, Alonso hits out at the F1 for the limitations in testing. Alonso also believes that F1 is a “contradiction“.

The Spaniard is looking optimistic about his return to Formula 1. After such a long break, any driver would prefer to spend as much time as possible in the car before the start of the actual season. But unfortunately, F1 does not work that way, which has somewhat annoyed Alonso as he showed his disappointment while speaking to as.com.

F1 is a contradiction,” the Spaniard said. “It is the most sophisticated sport in the world, with millions and millions of investments. But it is the only one in which the athlete is prohibited from training.”

Next year, in January, there will be a day and a half in total of testing per driver in the car. And from there, the World Championship is on.”

Former Renault F1 driver Fernando Alonso at the Dakar Rally Event 2020
Formula One world champion and reigning 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Fernando Alonso together with Marc Coma at Dakar Rally 2020 // Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool | Courtesy: REUTERS

Alonso compares the rules in Formula 1 with the Olympics in terms of getting adequate training. “It would be unthinkable for someone going to the Olympic Games to have a day and a half of training with the Javelin and then to the Games… but it is what it is,” Alonso said.

We have to look for alternative methods such as the simulator and the other equipment investments to supply that.” After the woeful season with the Mclaren in 2018, Alonso would be hoping to make a strong comeback next year.

(The quotes are translated from Spanish using Google Translate)

Cyril Looking to Place Fernando Alonso in the Car Later this Year

Fernando Alonso has stayed out of Formula 1 for quite a long time. Considering his lack of experience over the years, Cyril Abiteboul is trying his best to give Alonso a taste of their F1 cars.

Cyril has seemingly written to FIA requesting their permission to let Alonso take part in the post-season young driver test.

We are in the process of building his programme,” Cyril told Sky Sports F1. “We know that it would be in the second part of the season so we didn’t rush anything. He also had his IndyCar programme to do.”

We are building the programme which is a programme that could be composed of some 2018 cars that we could do. He’d like to do between two and four days and we are looking into that. That car will be in the Middle East later this year for our younger drivers,” Cyril said.

For the first time in two years, Fernando Alonso will take part in Formula One as a full-time driver after deciding to take a break post-2018 season.