“Don’t Take a Shot at LeBron”: Commentator Reveals Michael Jordan Called Him to Defend and Appreciate LeBron James




NBA commentator Michael Wilbon had some off the air information about what Michael Jordan thought of LeBron James. An everlasting debate is always around the corner when a discussion involves Jordan and James.

While there is nothing new about the debate, knowing what Jordan thinks about James might be something more interesting. Wilbon, currently a commentator with ESPN, has previously worked with Washington Post and is known to have good ties with Jordan as a journalist.

In a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Wilbon talked about an off the air conversations with Jordan where he talked about LeBron James. He said that while many think Jordan resents LeBron, it is actually the opposite according to what Jordan told him.

“This is an off-the-record thing that he would probably frown on me for telling, but I’m going to tell it,” Wilbon said.

“I’d answer the phone, and this is what I’d hear on the other end. ‘Hey, don’t take a shot at LeBron, that’s just garbage. This kid is great. There’s no need to take a shot at him.’ That conversation is playing out with him knowing it’s not going to be repeated — it’s not going to be told on PTI, it’s not going to be written about in the Washington Post, or on ESPN.com.”

There might not be an end to the Jordan vs James debate, but at least MJ doesn’t have any hard feelings on the current Los Angeles Lakers star.

Michael Jordan had similar thoughts for a few others apart from LeBron James

“King” LeBron James was not the only player that Jordan liked. Wilbon said that when Jordan would hear negative comments from those he liked, he often defended them. Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry were among those players according to Wilbon.

“That happened with young players that Michael liked, like somewhere between occasionally and frequently. You know, defend Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, early on… there were certain players Michael would call up and say, “Hey, hey, stop. This is not…” or if he knew I knew the person he’d say, ‘Tell your boy he’s wrong,’” he said.

James, Westbrook or Curry, it is unsurprising that Jordan likes them given the quality of those players.