Daniel Ricciardo Believes He’s “Getting Slow With Age” Following Bittersweet Eifel GP Qualy




Daniel Ricciardo is on the grid for almost 7 years now. The racer started with Red Bull and after a turbulent period with the then Toro Rosso, allied with the French. His qualifiers at Nurburgring today saw the racer being satisfied with a P6 at lights out tomorrow. However, the shocking state would be a similar position almost 7 years earlier.

The fast-paced life in F1 gets to the racers. The years speed past even before the drivers can blink. Yet, the essential matter of the fact is the improvement of the driver. In a post-race interview with Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo compared his qualifiers today with the one seven years earlier. The response may bring a shock to several Aussies.

I was just told that I was just reminded. I had actually forgotten about that. The irony was I do remember my last sector, and it was really good back then and that was actually my worst sector today. So getting slow with age, but that’s alright, I’ll figure it out tomorrow,” replied the Aussie.

Daniel Ricciardo is the single reason for many fans to watch F1. It is not just what he does on the track, the drive, the aura, and his presence, he is an idol for many in the stands. For him to be growing old and dropping back on the grid, we can’t imagine that.

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Daniel Ricciardo explains what held him back at the Qualifiers

Q1, I locked the front quite a few times in the chicane. Q2, I kind of got the balance right.  Q3, I just braked too early and thought of getting a good exit, but I just lost too much on the entry. So, probably a little cautious, I guess. But looking at it now, the times I didn’t have two-tenths in P4. So don’t think changed the pecking order, but personally obviously, I left a little bit on the table there.” explained Daniel Ricciardo.

The most inspiring thing about Daniel is his optimism. You can never spot the race stressed. Honestly, the beads of stress do not shine on his forehead. His strong optimism and his stronger vibe help maintain a calm ambiance.

The real mettle for an all-time great is the manner in which one can recognize their mistake and learn from them. Well, the Aussie is best in that arena. He learns from them and keeps aiming higher. His driving has already lifted Renault to higher grounds. He will aim to grab a better position on the points table tomorrow.

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