“Damn Jamal”: Twitter Explodes as Nuggets’ Jamal Murray Seals Game 3 Against Lakers




The Los Angeles Lakers tasted their first defeat against the Denver Nuggets in this conference finals. They lost 106-114 in a largely one-sided meeting. The LA-based franchise failed in the initial three quarters, while their heroics in the fourth could not do much either.

Jamal Murray totally stole the show with his play. His 30-feet dagger three-pointer from deep during the clutch moments became the talking point of the game. Both Alex Caruso and Anthony Davis failed to stop him from taking that extraterrestrial shot that closed the game for the Lakers.

Twitter bombarded with the Jamal Murray roar!

Even before the game could conclude, Twitter erupted with praises coming for Jamal from all sides. The man of the night got an overwhelming response from his fans and known NBA names alike. Let us have a look at some of those many-many tweets that paid heed to the maturing champion. 

Even Lakers legend Magic Johnson could not stop himself from praising Jamal’s memorable performance as he said, “Denver’s star guard Jamal Murray’s back-to-back 3’s sealed the victory for the Nuggets and he finished with 28 points.” This, coming from a Lakers great himself, shows that the 23-YO Jamal has a glorious future ahead.

Also, enjoy this court-side interview where an elated Jamal speaks about the electrifying moment. 

The Denver Nuggets will not keep it easy for the Lakers!

After the Lakers defeated the Nuggets in the first two games, fans dreamed about a 4-0 whitewash. But discounting this Nuggets side can be a mistake that even Danny Green said he won’t make. 

For the Nuggets, one other name must receive some recognition and that is not Nikola Jokic. For sure, Nikola registered a double-double, but Jerami Grant really stood apart. Thanks to Jerami’s 26 points (63.6% FG), 3 rebs, 1 assist, and 2 steals, the Nuggets could dominate the game from the very beginning until the end.

The Lakers tried very hard in the final quarter, and almost succeeded, too. But Jamal’s clutch performance took everything away from them in a matter of minutes. Now, the Nuggets have a real chance to level the series in the next game as the pressure is shifted on the Lakers.