“Condolences to His Family”: Novak Djokovic Expresses Grief Over the Death of Serbian Patriarch Irinej




The Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej recently died at the age of 91 due to COVID-19. After contracting the coronavirus, the patriarch got admitted to the hospital on November 4, 2020. Many leaders and renowned personalities including the Serbian legend Novak Djokovic have expressed their grief on the same.

While remembering the patriarch, World No.1 remembered all the good moments he spent with him. He even recalled the episode when he received the Order of St. Sava from him, an honor he highly values.

“May the country be easy for him and may he rest in peace, my condolences to his family and all Orthodox believers. I have had several meetings with him in the last ten years. I had the honor of receiving the Order of St. Sava from him, one of the awards I receive the most. means in life,” said a painful Djokovic.

Djoker was really sad and believed that it was really disheartening to see two of his great countrymen lose their lives recently.

“It is really sad that within a month we lost two great men who were at the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Amfilohije and now the patriarch. I do not know what I could add to that except that it is always sad news when someone loses their life. Then you probably understand some of the things a man has left behind,” added the 17-time Grand Slam winner.

It is definitely a heartbreaking moment for the Serbian. He emphasized that although the patriarch was no more, his legacy would always be there.

“Condolences to everyone”- Novak Djokovic to those who lost the life battle against COVD-19

Novak Djokovic
Serbia’s Novak Djokovic in action during his group stage match against Germany’s Alexander Zverev Action Images via Reuters/Paul Childs

Djokovic hoped that people would come out stronger once the pandemic would get over. He highlighted that health and family were ultimately the most important things in life.

“I hope that people from this whole situation with the crown will come out wiser, stronger, and smarter. Personally, I see all this as a reminder of what is most important in life. We say that health and family are most important to us, but I don’t see many of us like that,” continued the World No.1.

Djokovic also expressed his condolences to all those people who died due to COVID-19. He said that their souls would live forever.  

“I try to always remind myself of the things that matter, now this virus and a man can lose his life in an instant … But the eternal soul, as they say. they dedicated their lives to the eternal kingdom, I am sure they will live forever. Again, condolences to everyone,” concluded the 33-year-old Serbian.

Right now, Djokovic is playing at the ATP Finals 2020. The World No.1 will face Dominic Thiem in the semis of the tournament.

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