“Can Understand Her Frustration”- Laura Siegemund Sympathizes With Kristina Mladenovic After Controversial Point at French Open 2020




Laura Siegemund recently defeated French star Kristina Mladenovic in Round 1 of the French Open 2020. What was more humiliating was that Mladenovic lost in straight sets, with the final score as 7-5 6-3. However, it was the ‘Double Bounce’ incident that caught the attention of both critics and fans.

Both the players reacted differently to the issue. While Mladenovic was frustrated, Siegemund appeared as if one wrong call didn’t matter. She played well and thus deserved to win.

“She had plenty of other opportunities. It was just the wrong call, and that happens in sport,” said a cheerful Siegemund in the post-match presentation.

In the first set, when the Frenchwoman was enjoying a set-point, Siegemund hit the ball after what appeared to be a ‘double bounce’. Mladenovic objected it to the chair umpire, but she ignored her request. It looked like a certain double bounce.

The Frenchwoman later called for a VAR-type system in tennis, similar to what exists in football.

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‘I can understand her frustration’- Laura Siegemund on Kristina Mladenovic

Laura Siegemund at the French Open 2020
Germany’s Laura Siegemund celebrates during her first-round match against France’s Kristina Mladenovic REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Talking in the post-match presentation, the 27-year-old Mladenovic refused to blame the opponent Siegemund for the unfortunate incident. The only person she was not happy with was chair umpire Eva Asderaki.

Siegemund also defended herself, claiming it was almost impossible for her to judge that it was a double bounce.

“If in that call, I’m coming running full speed, if in that call I say, ‘Oh, it was a double bounce,’ and later I see on the video it was not, I would be angry at myself. So I think in that situation, that was a close call,” said the German player.

The 32-year-old even sympathized with the Frenchwoman and supported her call for better use of technology in tennis events.

“If we have the technical devices to get a quick replay, I think that’s a good thing for all sports. I can understand her frustration. But I think she should get at the umpire,” said the World No.66.

Technological advancements can definitely help wherever necessary. Fans have seen such things in football and basketball, where the referee can check and even reverse decisions with the help of technology. It’s an on-going and never-ending debate. As for the French Open 2020, Laura Siegemund will now face Julia Gorges in the second round.