‘Bulls Are Stink’- Charles Barkley Lashes Out at the Current Chicago Bulls Squad




The Chicago Bulls have been having a rough time for quite a few seasons now. While the Michael Jordan days are a distant memory, even the Derrick Rose days seem to be way behind us. The Bulls haven’t been a competitive playoff team ever since they traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What has happened since the Jimmy Butler trade?

The modern-day Bulls are led by the two biggest returning assets in that trade in Zach LaVine and Lauri Markannen. While they do have talent at their disposal, the youth of the team really holds them back from having any material success. This was seen when the Bulls were the worst team through the first three games of the season.

A man that once lost to the Bulls in the NBA Finals, Charles Barkley, was asked which Chicago sports franchise he would want to take over by MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. Barkley clearly laid out why it isn’t the Chicago Bulls.

“It’s a Bears town. People wanna say the Bulls and Michael and they won six championships, which they were doing that time. But the Bulls are stink right now, to be honest with you.”

Chicago Bulls: Can they improve this season?

While many believe that the Bulls are tanking for a high pick in the stacked 2021 Draft, the team has tried fighting back in recent games. They have won two games on the bounce and will look to build on that. However, the team really has a long way to go.

Dec 23, 2020; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls forward Daniel Gafford (12) blocks the shot of Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin (0) during the second half at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Offensively, this team has a rhythm. The system in place is still a little wooden under a new head coach, but the talent is there. But the defense has not been there for this team in a long time. Despite drafting a defensive wing in Patrick Williams, the Bulls are having visible struggles coalescing.

Barkley has given quite a damning indictment of the team that occupies the third largest basketball market in the US. Hopefully, we don’t see them tank for another season and they can make a genuine push towards the playoffs.

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